Axis Deer Hunting

Axis Deer hunting in Maui is at it's best during the spring and summer months.   Due to conservation efforts, only a limited number of Axis Deer hunts are booked per calendar year.  Axis Deer in Maui will generally begin to shed their antlers beginning in in the fall and are usually not seen with trophy sized antlers until approximately Spring.  

Axis bucks with fully polished antlers are most commonly seen beginning in May.  Again, all hunting for free-range axis deer is done on privately owned ranches where Maui Hunting Safari is the exclusive outfitter.   
99%success rate

Average body weight is 160 - 200 pounds

We have been consistently taking axis deer with antlers of 30" tall or better

Only a limited number of Trophy Axis deer hunts are  scheduled per year to help maintain trophy quality

This hunt is scheduled from March - August

This is a rifle only hunt

Group limitations apply axis deer maui hawaii axis deer

SCI Record Book Entries


Safari Club Record Book Animals...

Maui Hunting Safari LLC is excited to report that we have guided (our hunters) to over a 100 Safari Club International Record Book entries, including the following Top 10's:  

Archery - North American Introduced, Free Range Axis Deer (Top 10)

  • #5


Muzzleloader - North American Introduced, Free Range Axis Deer (Top 10)

  • #2 (Pending)
  • #9

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